Lizella Baptist Church Selects Mamba MIX32/8 IEM Mix

Jan 10, 2015: Lizella worship based in GA has joined the Mamba MIX family with Mamba MIX32/8 IEM. Mamba MIX32/8 provided an easy way to replace the existing bulky Monitor mix with 8 individual musician mix controlled by iPad. With individual password protected mix access, scene save/recall, scene exchange using DropBox and more provided an elegant solution to musicians on stage.

lizellaPR      CCWI2

The Chapel Community Center, FL extends Mamba MIX32 with 16 IEM MIX

Dec 20, 2014, San Jose CA: The Chapel Community Center, located near Tampa FL has added Mamba MIX32 extension unit to enable 16 Musician Mix to their worship center. They already had a Mix32/8 IEM system and very happy with Mamba MIX IEM solution. When the need to extend IEM to more musicians, the selected Mix32 extension solution. The expansion was very simple. Place the Mix32 extension under the Main Mix32 unit, connect a 0.5ft cat5 between 2 units and connect extension unit to same wifi router. The Mix32 App automatically detects the 16 IEM and allows each musician to select their mix. It was way simple to add more IEM mix and very pleased to have selected Mamba MIX, said Rick in-charge of audio at the center.

Mamba MIX32 with MADI input of 32 channels

Mamba MIX32 system is now available with MADI input. The setup consist of Mamba MIX32 ADAT unit and MADI to ADAT converter. Together, you can connect a MADI input (from a MADI route or splitter) of 32 channels (first 32 [1-32] or second 32 [33-64]) as an input to Mamba MIX32 system. All other functions are same as Mamba MIX32. MADI connection could be either via MM fiber or BNC. The system is setup in such a way that both units are slave to MADI router or head end as for as audio word clock. If you are interested to know more about this setup, pls email or call us.


MambaMIX32 MADI back

Mamba MIX56 - Pre Fader Listening (PFL) Solution from NetworkSound

Networksound is pleased to announce the availability of 56 channel PFL solution for applications where input channel monitoring is required. The solution can work for 16, 32 or 56 input channels and up to 8 control room or persons can monitor all 56 channels via wifi from any location with in the facility. The 56 channel hardware is a combination of 2 Mamba MIX32 units and innovative Mix56 App that enables up to 56 channel monitoring. The APP allows each control room to listen on each input channel or multiple solo channels at same time to isolate issues on inputs. Different scenes can be saved and loaded on the fly and channel names can be set per each mix. Each control room mix is separate and isolated from other mixes. All these are done using the Mamba MIX56 App on iPad over wifi. The Mix out can be analog or thru a wireless headphone. It is a great solution for large auditorium or concert halls where a PFL is needed. For more information or how we can customize Mamba MIX to your application, please email or call us.

MIX56 App

One Fell Swoop Productions Ltd., Ontario Canada selects Mamba MIX32/8 ADAT input Mix

One Fell Swoop Productions Ltd., Ontario Canada selects Mamba MIX32/8 ADAT input Mix and digital snake system. The system connects to ADAT outs from the Mixer and provides 8 IEM to musicians on the stage that can be controlled by iPad. The 8 stereo Mix Outs are connected to wireless stations for in-ear. Both control of IEM and audio to in-ear are wireless thus eliminating any need for wires on the stage. The same 32 ch input to Mamba MIX system can then be transported using Mamba digital snake for recording or broadcast truck as a secondary split. "Everything was very easy to assemble and interface. The clocking configuraion was seamless. So far everything has been rock solid. I will try to take a few pictures for you in the coming weeks to show the rig in action! Thank you so much for keeping in touch. So far I am a very happy customer!", said Peter. If you are interested in Mamba MIX and near by Ontario, you can contact Peter for live setup of Mamba MIX.

Simon Paine Location Sound, Ontario Canada selects Mamba MIX32/8 ADAT input Mix

Simon Paine Location Sound, Ontario Canada selects Mamba MIX32/8 ADAT input Mix. The system connects to ADAT outs from the Mixer and provides 8 IEM to musicians on the stage that can be controlled by iPad. The 8 stereo Mix Outs are connected to wireless stations for in-ear. Both control of IEM and audio to in-ear are wireless thus eliminating any need for wires on the stage. If you are interested in Mamba MIX and near by Ontario, you can contact Simon for live setup of Mamba MIX.

"Breaking 505" classic Rock Cover band from OH selects Mamba MIX 16/8 system

"Breaking 505", classic Rock Cover band from OH selects Mamba MIX 16/8 system for their IEM need. The band was in need of IEM that can be controlled by iPad and wireless to in-ear, Mamba MIX 16/8 is a perfect fit with 16 ch input directout from mixer and 8 independent IEM to wireless base stations. "I love the Mamba Mix 16/8! It works like a charm", said Michael, band member of 505. The rack has Mamba MIX16/8 IEM Mix and 4 SennH wireless headsets and 3 wired In-ear to band members.

mike OH setup

Mamba MIX @ MusikMesse 2013

May 10, 2013, San Jose CA: Mamba MIX system was on display and demo at the recent MusikMesse, largest audio show in EU. Visitors to the booth were excited about the Mamba MIX solution and innovative way to control IEM using iPhone and iPad. Here are some pics from the show. Kudos to Roland for a great show and demo.


Stage One, Chicago Selects Mamba MIX32 channel ADAT input and 8 IEM Mix System

May 1, 2013, San Jose CA: Stage One Band, a renowned musical band based in Chicago, selected the Mamba MIX32 ch / 8 IEM system with ADAT input for their stage monitor mix. The system is connected with micpre with ADAT out and 8 IEMs over a wireless headphone to each musician on stage. The IEM Mix control is using the simple and intuitive Mamba MIX32 App for iPad over wifi. NetworkSound welcomes Stage One to ever growing Mamba MIX customer base.

Mountain West Church, Atlanta GA selects Mamba MIX32DS [Mamba MIX 32 channel 8 IEM and 32x16 Digital Snake System]

April 22, 2013, San Jose CA: Mountain View Church has chosen the Mamba MIX32DS system, combination 32 ch 8 IEM Mix and 32x16 Digital Snake over CAT-5. The lead installer for this project is TPS system based in Atlanta. The Mamba MIX32DS system provides an ideal way to serve the IEM Mix for Musicians on stage of all 32 ch over a simple and elegant iPad mixer surface as well as efficient way to send a 32x16 channels to FoH using a single CAT-5. More info. and pics to follow. An illustration of Mamba MIX32DS is below.

Solution Digital Snake

Mamba MIX IEM System showcase at the MusikMesse 2013 - Hall 5.1 A87

April 8, 2013, San Jose CA. Mamba MIX IEM system, Monitor Mix at your Finger Tips, will be displayed at the upcoming MusikMesse, Frankfurt Germany. The Mamba MIX system will be shown at the Adebar Acoustics , Halle 5.1 A87. If you are attending the MusikMesse, pls visit Adebar booth to learn more about the Mamba MIX system and discuss your specific application. Mamba MIX systems are widely used by bands, worship and recording studios all over the world.  


Mamba MIX IEM System - Product Review on  Tools4Music Magazine


April 5, 2013, San Jose CA. An excellent product review of Mamba MIX system will appear on Tools4Music magazine, based in Germany and widely circulated in EU. A full review will be posted here soon. Some excerpts here: Headline: Hear better Test: "Mamba Mix" monitor solution By Christian Boche Intro: "I do not listen to me." Every engineer who manages in addition to the FOH or monitor mix from his FOH console knows that sentence. For a separate monitor often lack the budget or simply the place on a small stage.     At the same time the demands of musicians rise to the monitor sound. For musicians with a strong compulsion to control and sense of ownership there is a proper solution of the audio-zoological research. The Californian company "Network Sound" offers the "Mamba Mix" system, a compact, yet amazingly powerful display solution for musicians who want to sound like your monitor to lend a hand. The concept is great, but requires a little more explanation.

Corryton Church, TN Selects Mamba MIX32 - 16 IEM Mix to Power Worship Service

Jan 20, 2013, San Jose CA. Corryton Church based in TN has selected Mamba MIX32, a 32 channel 16 individual monitor Mix system to fine tune the performance of musicians on stage. The Mamba MIX32 system enables musicians on the stage to control their own ear-bud using iPad mixer control surface. Each musician can select EQ, gain, pan and other features as well as store and reload mix settings per song., set or gig. The Mamba MIX32 system connects at the stage to an active mic splitter thus musicians have their own 32 ch stage inputs to mix. Each mix is password controlled so all 16 users can login to their own mix to control. The setup is simple and intuitive app on iPad is big plus for musicians. The final mix is connected a wireless headphone system such as Audix or Senn or Shure so both IEM control (wifi) and audio are over wireless. The full wireless option enables musicians to walk in and out of stage with ease, makes stage setup quick and no more wires to trip on stage. It is perfect solution for worship managed by volunteers. "I just wanted to update you on the outcome of the new system. It was a MAJOR MAJOR SUCCESS!!!!! we truly appreciate all your help. I am very glad I found your company. This is a great system. Everyone was happy. It worked absolutely flawlessly. Not a single

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problem. Everyone just couldn't believe how good everything sounded. So thanks again for all the help", Jeremy Church Sound Director.


Corryton Mix32 pic


Mamba MIX Review on Professional Audio Magazine, GER

Dec 12, 2012, San Jose CA. Mamba MIX, the revolutionary monitor Mix system was reviewed for the Dec 2012 issue of Professional Audio Magazine, GER. The Pro Audio magazine is the leading source for cutting edge pro audio products in EU. The Mamba MIX system was reviewed by Mr. Von Sylvie Frei and appears at page 72-76. A copy of the review will be posted here soon. The Mamba MIX App (iPad version) appears on the cover. Here is an excerpt..

"For he would have had the Mamba Mix MMX16L and an iPad, had he been at the sound check in seconds with just a few finger movements on the multi-touch screen to create their own individual headphone mix. Very true to the Mamba Mix slogan "Monitor Mix at your finger tips". However, we would then be poorer now also an anecdotal recording. But now back to the present and more about the technology that allows such an easy work in the studio, rehearsal room or on stage. The MMX16L line level mix comes from Sound Network of California, one of the leading professional, digital audio systems, the products such as the Digital Les Paul guitar or the Mamba Digital Snake developed."


proaudiomag cover mix           proaudiomagpage1


Customer Focus: The Chapel Community Center, FL selects Mamba MIX32 - 32 ch / 8 IEM Mix


Nov 28, 2012, San Jose CA: The Chapel Community Center, located near Tampa FL has chosen the Mamba MIX32 system to enable stage musicians to mix their own IEM using iPad. The MIX32 system was installed by Rick from Profound Sound based in Tampa. The MIX32 was connected to direct outs from the FoH mixer and 8 individual IEM Mixes were sent using wireless headphone system. The entire setup was wireless as control of Mix using wifi and mix over wireless headset. The Musicians on stage use iPad to mix their own sound for ear-bud. A single rack Mamba MIX32 system provides 32 ch and 8 IEM to cover the entire band. The MIX32 App is very intuitive and provides an easy way to control the 8 mixes using one or 8 iPads. Musicians can store and load scene, load all 32 channel

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names from Admin and much more functions. Each MIX is protected by password (changed by Admin only) so musicians and Sound Director are at peace. The entire worship band is very happy with the Mamba MIX system plug and play and ease of use. 


Here are some more pictures of Mamba MIX32 @ The Chapel, FL. Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, Pic4, Pic5

  rick6    rick7



Customer Focus: Celebration Church, WI - Mamba MIX32DS - 32 ch /8 IEM Mix and 32x16 CAT5 digital snake system

Oct 22, 2012, San Jose CA: Celebration Church, WI has been using Mamba Digital Snake system for many years and when they needed a IEM Mix for musicians on the stage, Mamba MIX32DS was their first choice. Mamba MIX32DS is an unique and innovative system that combines 32 ch / 8 Independent in-ear monitor mix controlled by iPad's as well as a 32x16 digital snake system over CAT-5. The digital snake FoH unit was all ADAT I/O so it easily connected to a Yamaha LS9 console. The 32 ch / 8 IEM mix is connected to a number of wireless headphone units to enable a complete wireless IEM Mix setup at the stage. "No hardware units at the stage, running wires or cat5 to IEM units or power issue, Mamba MIX enabled the musicians to walk on stage and perform with their own iPad", said Phil G, Sound Director at the Church. We are very impressed with sound quality of the system and ease of IEM setup at different venue every Sunday, which allows us to focus on worship. Could not have asked for a better solution that offers 2 solutions in a single system at an unbeatable price.

Here are some more pictures of Mamba MIX32DS @ CC, WI. Pic1, Pic2, Pic3




Customer Focus: Idee und Klang Studio in Switzerland - Mamba MIX16 in action for live recording sessions

Aug 27, 2012, San Jose CA: Idee und Klang Studio in Switzerland has been using Mamba MIX16 for live sound recording sessions. The musicians have the ultimate freedom to mix their own IEM Mix using their own touch devices. The whole experience improves overall performance of the musicians since they can hear themselves better as well as other band members. They can select the channels to listen in and focus on their performance with out recording engineer help. This also enables the recording engineer to focus on their own task. Owner and musician, Daniel Dettwiler, stressed the musicians were very impressed and liked to work with the iPad - it was a WOW factor at the beginning of the session. They very much appreciated to have individual EQ setting in each mix which is a big advantage to any other existing system. The musicians where also used to other IEM and expressed that Mamba Mix sounds better. Check out more pics of Mamba MIX in use  Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, Pic4 and Pic5


swiss pic6


Mamba MIX32DS - Combination 32 ch / 8 IEM Mix and 32x16 Digital Snake System over CAT5

Aug 7, 2012, San Jose CA: NetworkSound is pleased to announce the addition of Mamba MIX32DS to the popular Mamba MIX product line. The MIX32DS is a combination 32x16 digital snake and 32 ch / 8 In-Ear-Monitor mix system offering significant savings over other set-ups in which the audio snake and the IEM mix system are separate products. More info. on Mamba MIX32DS



Secure AV International is appointed as a distributor for Mamba MIX products in SoCal, NV and Mexico

July 25, 2012 - San Jose, CA. NetworkSound is pleased to announce that leading AV distributor, Secure AV International ( has been appointed as a distributor for Mamba MIX products covering Southern California and Nevada as well as International distribution in Mexico and near by countries. If you are interested in Mamba MIX products and like to work with Secure AV, please send an email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit


Mamba MIX32A - 32 channel ADAT / 8 Mix Out 1RU system with iPad IEM Mix control

July 20, 2012 - San Jose, CA. A new addition to the ground breaking 32 channel Mamba MIX product line is now available. Mamba MIX32A - 32 channel ADAT input and 8 Analog Mix out system enables plug and play connectivity of ADAT inputs to Monitor MIX. The MMX32A system has same 8 Mix outs to provide up to 8 Musicians, their own individual Monitor Mixes. Each Mix out is controlled by single musician using iPad. All other functions are similar to the Mamba MIX32 Line Level Mix system. Each musician has

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2 dynamic EQ (assignable to any of 1-32 inputs) and 2 EQs (3 Band fully parametric & graphical) on Left and Right Mix. The Mix Outs are available on analog to interface our wireless headset transmitter with ease. Please call us or email us for learn more or try the demo.


 Mix32 banner

T.A.D AV LTD, Seoul, Korea is appointed as Exclusive Stocking Distributor for Mamba MIX Products

June 27, 2012 - San Jose, CA. NetworkSound is pleased to announce that the leading AV distributor in Korea, T.A.D AV LTD is appointed as a stocking and exclusive distributor for Mamba MIX Products in and around Korea. "We really like the Mamba MIX product line and our dealer network was looking forward to such a product. We are pleased to add Mamba MIX in our product distribution list", said Glenn of TAD AV LTD. If you are located in and around Korea and interested in Mamba MIX product, pls contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for demo/eval and purchase.


Mamba MIX32 -  32 channel 8 Stereo In-Ear-Monitor Mix system with iPad control surface

Mamba MIX32 App for the iPadĀ© is now available. You can download from the App store.


June 11, 2012 - San Jose, CA. NetworkSound is pleased to announce the addition of Mamba MIX32 to the popular Mamba MIX product line. Mamba MIX32 is a revolutionary 32 channel monitor mix system designed for In-Ear Monitoring (IEM) with iPad control surface. Mamba MIX32 gives each musician on stage unprecedented control of their own monitor mix using state of the art DSP technology and innovative design. Read More of the press release..

MambaMix 32 Banner


Mamba MIX review on studiomix, leading German pro audio magazine

Click Here to see the article


Android App for the Mamba MIX system is available NOW. You can download from the Google Android Market or Google Play from here


ProMidi Enterprise, Jakarta, Indonesia is appointed as distributor for Mamba MIX products

April 9th 2012: ProMidi Enterprise, a leading AV installer in Jakarta, has been appointed as distributor for Mamba MIX and other Mamba brand of products in Indonesia. If you are interested in Mamba MIX product and would like to try or demo the system, pls contact ProMidi or email us so we can get in touch with you.


Mamba MIX in the MusikMesse Press and Magazine

ProMedia News


Musikmachen video




Mamba MIX @ MusikMesse, Frankfurt, Germany  - March 21-24, 2012 - Hall 5.1 / A87

Mamba MIX, the revolutionary wireless Monitor Mix system, will be shown at the largest music tradeshow MusikMesse. The Mamba MIX demo will be at the Adebar Acoustics, Location 5.1 A87. If you plan to attend the MusikMesse, pls visit the booth to see a live demo of the Mamba MIX system. If any further information on this, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


MM2 news


 MM6 news



Mamba MIX with ADAT inputs  - Now shipping


Mamba MIX system is now available with digital ADAT inputs as an option. You can now use Analog Mic level or Line level or ADAT as your choice to send audio in to the Mamba MIX system. All other features are same. The ADAT inputs are available via Tos_Link connectors and Word Clock can be External or Internal using BNC. The sample rate is 48K internal and 44.1/48K with external Word Clock


New Version of Mamba MIX App for iPad & iPhone

A new revision of the Mamba MIX app for the iPad and iPhone is now available at the Apple app store. New features such as SOLO, Master volume and Delete scene etc are available only for iPad. The app will run on iPhone also but with out new features.

You can download the app. with this link from the App store


Mamba MIX systems are available for sale as well as Demo

NetworkSound is pleased annonce that the revolutionary Mamba Monitor MIX systems are available for sale now. Customers who are intrested in trying out the new system, please call us at 408 434 9393 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We would be glad to send a demo system at no cost.


Mamba MIX is on facebook and Twitter

Mamba MIX is now on Facebook as well as Twitter. Pls visit us and like/follow us to get up to date information on the Mamba MIX. New developments on product and features would be posted there. Also, you can send your valuable feedback on Mamba MIX system and features to us to improve the product further.

Facebook Link Here

Twitter Link Here


Mamba MIX will be soon available worldwide thru International Distributors

Mamba MIX systems will be availabe soon worldwide thru reputed and dynamic distributors/dealers. If you are outside US and like to learn or puchase or demo a Mamba MIX system, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can connect you to an appropriate distributor in your area. 

If you are interested in distributing Mamba MIX products outside US, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mamba MIX systems are Made in USA.


Mamba Mix System Launch on Jan 19, 2012 NAMM

Hall E  - Booth 1649


networksoundwebsite banner






Visit us at NAMM Hall E, booth # 1649 to see the exciting demo of our ground breaking Monitor Mix in a system solution that uses popular touch devices such as iPad and iPhone to control the each musician mix.

Download the Press Release Here

** Mamba Mix is a product from NetworkSound, a leader in digital pro audio solutions for over 8 years with award winning products such as Gibson LesPaul Guitar, Mamba Digital snake and other Mamba branded products. NetworkSound products are used all over the world. Mamba line of products are well known for their simplicity, high quality and reliability.

You can visit to learn more about other Mamba products for pro audio industry.